29th Annual 2016-17 Texas Basketball Magazine
* Will be concentrating on updating all Basketball records.
* Those included will be coaching records active and retired.
* All players records: career, individual season.
All categories (see past records kept)
* School records:
Most State Championships.
Most trips to the State.
Most times in the State play-offs.
Most District Championships.
Most consecutive District wins.
Most overtime periods in a game.
Please forward all information to Bob Springer: texasbkb@swbell.net
or Mail to: P.O. Box 415
TX 78932

Welcome to TEXAS BASKETBALL MAGAZINE which is edited for fans, coaches, players, officials and avid basketball enthusiasts.


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Bob Springer Fox Sports Interview

Watch the interview of Bob Springer founder of the Texas Basketball Museum,  and the publisher and editor of Texas Basketball Magazine by Jeff powers of Fox Sports News.




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