Bob Springer 

Bob Springer started coaching in 1965 and retired from coaching in the year 2000. He has always 
promoted basketball across the State and the Nation. He is a member of the Texas High School Coaches 
Association (THSCA 47 years), a member of the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches Association 
(TABC 44years),a member of the Texas Sports Writer Association (TSWA 28years), and a member of 
the United States Basketball Writers Association (26years). 

Bob is a graduate of Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas where he was an All-Conference 
player for two years, and an All-American as he led the Nation in Field Goal Percentage in 1964 with a 

68.4 percentage. He also averaged 16 points a game and 10.2 rebounds a game for his two year career. 
He also playedl0 years of Semi-Pro Basketball, playing on two National All-Star Teams from Texas 
and in the inaugural NABC Hall of Fame game in Springfield, Mass. in 1968. 
In 1988, Bob started up Texas Basketball Magazine after he attended a meeting to honor a local sportswriter that was going to 
write a basketball magazine, but bowed out. Bob without any formal journalism 
background, and with his 9" Macintosh, and a lot of help from friends started the magazine. 

He enjoys promoting and collecting basketball memorabilia, and also has a Antique shop in Carmine, 
TX where he collects and sell everything that is old and has some history behind it.

Bob also purchased a building in Carmine, Texas for the sole purpose of opening the Texas Basketball 
Museum. Besides his 43 year collection of basketball memorabilia he will have the entire collection from 
the Texas Sports Hall of Fame on preview. 

Bob has had the distinction of being: a nominee for the South All-Star Coach (THSCA) in 1980, Served 
as the Advisory Chairman for Basketball (THSCA) in 1983, South All-Star Assistant Chairman in 1994, 
South All-Star Chairman in 1995 (THSCA), and Chairman of the All-State teams in 1992 (TSWA) for 
both boys & girls. 

Bob Springer editor & publisher

29th Year of Service "Dedicated to the Best in Texas High School Basketball" est. 1988 



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